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Unmanned Vehicle Control SystemsMicro Systems, Inc offers an array of Airborne Control Units that provide the primary link between control information received from an operator in a Ground Control Station and the Control Computer installed in the target vehicle.
Tracking TranspondersMicro Systems, Inc offers a series of transponders to enhance the ability to track a vehicle.
Remotely Piloted Vehicle Control SystemsThe Micro Systems, Inc MOdular Networked TArGet control Equipment (MONTAGE) is a flexible, expandable control system for ground, sea surface, and high performance air vehicles.
IFF ProductsMicro Systems, Inc can provide individual subassemblies or complete transponders for your Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) requirements.
Test SetsMicro Systems, Inc offers a variety of custom designed test sets for specialized applications. Our test sets are available for laboratory, semi-controlled (i.e. hangar), and flightline/outdoor environments.
Scoring SystemsMicro Systems, Inc offers complete scalar (miss distance) air-to-air or sea surface-to-air non-cooperative scoring systems. No modification is required to the missile.
Flight Termination SystemsMicro System, Inc has assumed all engineering and manufacturing responsibility for the Herley-RSS line of IRIG compliant Flight Termination Systems.


Micro Systems, Inc.
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