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Flight Termination Systems

Micro Systems, Inc is a leading global provider of turn-key solutions for a full range Flight Termination Systems (FTS) and ancillary devices. Our product line includes; Portable Flight Termination Systems, Dual Redundant 200 Watt to 1.5kW FTS, Receiver/Decoder FTS Test Sets, IRIG Tone Generators/Exciters, Command Sequencers, Auto Switchover Units, and FTS Receiver Monitors. All of our products can be customized to meet your specific requirements. In addition, we can also offer full system integration and training to ensure quick easy implementation.

Our multi-rack range integrated Flight Termination Systems are fully modular in design to allow system flexibility and upgradeability. We utilize the latest suite of Graphical User Interface (GUI) software applications to provide ease of use and operation.

The Micro Systems flight termination product line originated at Herley-RSS where they had been developing advanced systems since 1986. In 2006 the entire Herley-RSS product line was transitioned to Micro Systems, Inc. who assumed all engineering and manufacturing responsibility for the complete line. The transition included all proprietary design documentation, proprietary software source code, and the support of key engineers with a combined 90 years experience in the flight termination industry.

We can also offer custom designed Flight Termination Products.

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