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Miss Distance Scoring Systems

Micro Systems offers complete scalar (miss distance) air-to-air or sea surface-to-air non-cooperative scoring systems. No modification is required to the missile. A high performance vector scoring system is currently under development. We offer complete, turn-key solutions including the scoring sensor (air or sea surface vehicle), scoring ground stations, and test sets.

AN/DSQ-50 Miss Distance Scoring Sensor

Micro Systems, Inc Model AN/DSQ-50A is an advanced pulsed Doppler miss distance sensor designed to operate against high performance missiles and ballistic projectiles as small as 76mm. It can installed in an air or sea surface target drone or UAV and detects passing projectiles within the sensor range. The sensor information is transmitted in real time to the ground via L or S Band telemetry datalink.
Miss Distance Sensor (AN/DSQ-50A)
DSQ-50 Datasheet

Miss Distance Analyzer

The Micro Systems, Inc. Miss Distance Analyzer receives the information from the Miss Distance Sensor (AN/DSQ-50A) and quickly calculates the miss distance. This calculation can performed automatically with no operator intervention required, or in an operator-assisted mode. The Scoring Ground Station can be optionally interfaced to our command and control systems to provide automatic low cost telemetry receiver antenna tracking. The Scoring Ground Station is available in portable and rack mount configurations.
Miss Distance Analyzer
Scoring GCS Datasheet

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