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Command and Control Systems

The Micro Systems, Inc. Unmanned Vehicle Command and Control (C2) Systems are flexible and expandable making them ideal for ground vehicles, sea surface vehicles, high performance aerial target drones, and UAV’s. We have fielded command and control systems that have been successfully supporting missions for the U.S. Navy (System for Naval Target Control), U.S. Army (Target Tracking Control System/UHF or TTCSU), and several international defense organizations worldwide.  Additionally Micro Systems also supports legacy command and control systems that were originally manufactured by Herley Vega Systems and Vega Precision Labs.  These systems include the Target Tracking Control System (TTCS) and Multiple Aircraft GPS Integrated Command and Control (Magicc).

Our current systems are all leveraged from our original MOdular Networked TArGet control Equipment (MONTAGE) system that has supported over 1000 live mission operations worldwide.  Every command and control system we offer is readily adapted to a variety of unmanned vehicle applications and we offer a wide array of system configurations that include different form factors (i.e. portable or fixed site), number and type of controlled vehicles, and RF datalinks.

We offer offer Command and Control Systems with the latest in performance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Our systems can be configured to control up to eight air vehicles and/or sixteen sea surface vehicles and/or ground vehicles, with a simultaneous mix of vehicle types and can be field expanded with no change to system software (plug and play). We have interfaced our command and control systems to a variety of remotely piloted vehicles including: BQM-167 (i and xi versions), Firejet, MQM-107 D/E, BQM-74E, Chukkar, BQM-34 (-47 and -49), BQM-167, BQM-177, GQM-163, BROADSWORD, QUH-1 Rotary Wing Target, QST-35 ship target, Falconet, and the High Speed Maneuverable Surface Target (HSMST).

Portable Laptop Control System

Micro Systems recently completed development of it’s newest laptop configuration of unmanned vehicle command and control system. This system is based on the proven C2 designs that have successfully supported over 1000 operational missions worldwide. Our Unmanned Vehicle Control System features best-in-class high performance hardware and software that has been system engineered to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.
Laptop C2
Brochure     Laptop GCS Datasheet

Portable Unmanned Vechicle Control System

Micro Systems portable unmanned vehicle command and control system is a PC based system that is packaged in rugged portable transit cases.
Portable C2
UVCS Datasheet

Transportable S280 Shelter Configuration

We also offer a transportable S280 Shelter configuration of our command and control system.  The transportable configuration of our system is a convenient option for multi-range Command and Control requirements. This configuration is currently deployed to support operations for the U.S. Army as well as various international customers.
Transportable MONTAGE Configuration

Fixed Site Command Center Configuration

The fixed site configuration of our system offers all the same features and capabilities of our portable and transportable systems. The system is modular and ready to integrate in your fixed site location.
Fixed Site MONTAGE Configuration

Command and Control System Datalinks

Our command and control systems are vehicle and datalink independent, capable of controlling a mix of vehicles on multiple independent datalinks simultaneously. Systems are available with a variety of datalinks options with the most popular being a highly cost effective UHF-FM datalink. The UHF FM datalink is capable of controlling groups of vehicles to a range of 200 NM line of sight (LOS), or over the horizon to 400 NM using an datalink relay. Other available datalinks include:

    • L-Band Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
    • 2.4 Ghz ISM
    • IRIDIUM Satellite (satellite to satellite or gateway to satellite)
    • Custom datalinks are also available. Please call or email with your requirements.

Test Sets

Micro Systems offers a variety of custom designed test sets for specialized applications. Out test sets are are available for laboratory, semi-controlled (i.e. hangar), and flightline/outdoor environments.

Available configurations include hand-held, rack mount, and ruggedized (MIL-T-28800). Our test set capabilities range from go/no-go to comprehensive LRU testers, to complete target vehicle checkout systems.

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