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C-Band Transponder Test Sets

The Micro Systems, Inc. C-Band Test Set Series provide calibration tests for most C-Band Transponders used in flight testing. The test set functions to verify proper transponder operation by simulating pulse interrogations and qualifying responses per specified parameters.

With a touch screen LCD display, test setup is quick and easy and results are clear. Units are available in 115 and 220 VAC versions. Peak front panel direct power is greater than 1 Watt with -74dBm radiated power.
Micro Systems, Inc. is currently designing a Test Set Model that will test 20Watt through 400 Watt from the same unit.

Model 38-4 C-Band Mini-Tester

The Micro Systems, Inc. C-Band Mini-Tester (Model 38) is a handheld battery powered unit that provides Go/No-Go testing for the Model 251, 252, and 253 Series C-Band transponders. The Mini-Tester verifies proper transponder operation by interrogating a transponder installed and powered in a systems platform. Indicator LED’s verify the transmission of signals and the received reply. In addition to testing Micro Systems’ products, the Model 38 can also be used to test any C-Band transponder in the 5.4-5.9 GHz rangeThe Mini-Tester is programmable and uses the same programming interface kit that is used to program the transponders themselves. This feature allows for quick frequency changes without having to open the unit. The Model 38 Mini-Tester is capable of testing units more than 350 feet away.
C-Band Mini-Tester
M38-4 Mini-Tester Datasheet

Also available in a kit that includes Programming Set, Power Chargers, Antenna and carry case.

Model 41 C-Band Test Set

The Micro Systems, Inc. Model 41 Transponder Test Set provides a Go/No-Go tester for for 5, 20, 50, and 400 Watt C-Band Radar Transponders. It is used in a direct-link mode providing in-depth bench-testing capability. The Model 41 verifies transmit/receive frequency, power output, pulse timing, and receiver sensitivity, and other critical parameters. The unit can transmit and receive radar pulses over the range of 5.4 to 5.9 GHz (C-Band) with 1 MHz resolution. The operation of the Model 41 is kept simple by providing a familiar Microsoft Windows© user interface on a bright LCD touchscreen display.  All user operations and indications are made easy by convenient menu-driven, drop-down displays on the touchscreen panel.
M41 Test Set
M41 Test Set DatasheetThe Test Set comes complete with transmit antenna for radiating to field installed Transponders. The model 41 is housed in a rugged shock mount case for use in harsh environments.

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