Fixed Site C2

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The fixed site configuration of our system offers all the same features and capabilities of our portable and transportable systems. It is capable of controlling a range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), high-performance aerial targets, and unmanned aerial combat systems. The system can support multiple full-size and/or sub-scale fixed and rotary wing aerial platforms, land, and sea surface vehicles as well. Using differentially corrected GPS position data, the vehicle control range can extend to 200 nm line of site (LOS), or up to 330 nm if using the optionally available radio-relay system.

Our unique modular systems approach allows the system to be tailored to specific requirements by purchasing only as much capability as needed and additional consoles and modules can be easily added in the field. Vehicle command and telemetry configurations, telemetry displays, and range maps can all be configured to custom preferences.

The system operates independent of Data Link types and can accommodate multiple data links and/or multiple frequencies simultaneously. The RF module can be connected directly via Ethernet, or remotely to network through a router (e.g. T1, ISDN, microwave, etc.).

The system is modular and ready to integrate into your fixed site location.