Multi-Platform Vehicle Test Set

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The Multi-Platform Vehicle Test Set (MPVTS) is a self-contained portable equipment rack test instrument for performing vehicle electrical system verification. A custom MPVTS software application can be designed specifically to perform complete pre-mission verification of your airborne, ground, or marine vehicle. The MPVTS is the first test set designed to be completely vehicle platform independent.

The MPVTS is used to provide control and monitoring of the communication and Input/Output (I/O) signals to and from various vehicle platforms. It can display vehicle telemetry and system status while allowing the test operator to transmit vehicle commands in either direct link using Ethernet, USB, RS-232, or RS-422 or radiate mode using UHF or L-Band RF communication data links. An embedded RF Power Meter can be used to measure signal strength of radiated data link. Direct link.

The MPVTS can provide power to the vehicle systems for testing and verification. Additionally, multiple Analog and Relay I/O channels are also available for monitoring and providing stimulus to vehicle systems. An embedded Oscilloscope can be used to monitor any analog, discrete, or power signals input or output to the system.

The MPVTS is a turnkey system that can be used to perform full Go/No-Go vehicle verification in either manual or automated test modes. It is encased in a portable, ruggedized transit case that is quick and easy to setup to support any mission requirements.