Model 280-1 Transponder

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The Model 280-1 MONTAGE Transponder is a command receiver, digital command decoder, digital telemetry encoder, telemetry transmitter, and target interface enclosed in a single lightweight package.

The transponder receives commands transmitted by the controlling station or the target drone set. Implementation of commands occurs only after verification of the address, parity, and message integrity checks. After verifying the address in the command uplink message, the transponder initiates the transmission of a telemetry reply. The self contained GPS receiver provides excellent position accuracy during all vehicle maneuvers.

The Model 280-1 allows multiple targets to be flown on the same frequency and can be used as a target relay. This transponder is currently used on the U.S. Navy’s family of target vehicles including the BQM-34 and BQM-74 aerial targets, MST-35 and HSMST sea surface targets, and international vehicles like the Chukar III.