C-Band Radar Transponder

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The Micro Systems Radar Tracking Transponders (commonly called Tracking Beacons) are extremely small precision augmentation systems for enhancing the tracking capability of RADAR systems. Our field programmable transponders improve the operating distance of a Radar, greatly improve tracking accuracy, and (when used in double pulse mode) provide the ability to selectively track a single vehicle out of a group of vehicles. Micro Systems offers solid state C-Band Radar Tracking Transponders in 5, 20, and 50 Watt transmit power levels that can be either programmed at the factory with specific transmit and receive frequencies or programmed in the field by the user to desired parameters.  This capability allows the user to change the operating parameters of the transponder without the need to remove it from the vehicle.  Our 20 watt Model 252-3 and 50 watt Model 253-3 are solid state, externally programmable, and are only 18 cubic inches.