UAV Command and Control

Next Generation C2 Systems

Command and Control

Micro Systems Unmanned Vehicle Command and Control (C2) Systems are robust architectures with variations currently fielded and supporting unmanned air, land, and sea surface mission requirements for the U.S. Navy’s System for Naval Target Control (SNTC), U.S. Army’s Army Ground and Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS), and several international defense organizations worldwide. These C2 systems offer advanced features with the flexibility to support multi-vehicle mission profiles, manual and autonomous control, and detailed mission planning capability. A variety of different hardware configurations are available to support fixed-site command center installations, mobile S280 shelters (manufactured by our sister Kratos division Gichner Shelter Systems), and fully-portable laptop based systems. Our Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems features best-in-class high performance hardware and software that has been system engineered to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and successfully supported over 3,000 operational missions worldwide.