UGV Command and Control

Tele-Operational Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Command and Control

Tele-Op Unmannd Ground Vehicle Control

For remote control UGV applications, M-PAK offers a Tele-Op option that allows remote operators to control single vehicles using a transmitted video link to vehicle-mounted cameras. Micro Systems offers a Bench Top C2 System that includes steering wheel, brake and throttle pedal, and gear shift controllers as well as a data link transceiver and laptop computer. If a more portable system is necessary, Micro Systems can also offer a Man-Portable C2 System that includes a ruggedized tablet-style computer connected to a portable data link transceiver. The C2 systems offered are leveraged from our UAV C2 Systems and are fully expandable, platform independent, data link transceiver independent (supporting a variety of industry standard communication links including SINCGARS and various NSA compliant encrypted message formats) and customizable to exacting specifications.