Advanced Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle Control


Micro Systems supports a number of different unmanned sea surface target mission requirements used for Fleet training and weapon system development in conjunction with the U.S. Navy, System for Naval Target Control (SNTC) and U.S. Army, Army Ground and Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS). Our onboard vehicle automation and Command and Control (C2) systems support a wide range of multipurpose remotely operated seaborne vehicles, which alone, or in concert, can simulate real world scenarios. Over the years we have been involved in new target development to emphasized littoral threats, missile capable patrol craft, and open ocean targets capable of operating in a variety of real-world sea conditions. Each of the self-propelled targets we support can be remotely operated from our C2 system via line-of-sight using a dedicated radio link or Over-The-Horizon using airborne radio relays or satellite communication links. Micro Systems offers world class unmanned vehicle control capability to meet the challenges of our customer requirements.