System Integration

Providing Expert Field Support and System Integration

Desert Integration ATMA Integration

Micro Systems offers full on-site systems integration to our customers. We will provide the technical staff and support to provide complete installations, hardware and software configuration, end-to-end component and system level testing, and qualification. Additionally, we can also provide comprehensive classroom environment as well as hand’s on training courses.

Highly skilled engineers and technicians from Micro Systems provide full support throughout the entire system integration process. In our over 40 year history we have fielded a number of systems ranging from large multi-site Command and Control (C2) stations to installing electronic subsystems in numerous vehicles, to providing full on-site mission technical and operational support. We can supply all technical, training, and user material necessary for our customers to understand the system integration and troubleshoot any problems they may encounter once they take control of the system.

Micro Systems has the experience and expertise fielding advanced systems and always ensures the systems we deliver function to the exacting requirements of our customer’s specifications. We provide the training to technicians and operators to properly setup the system and use it in a safely and reliable manner. Additionally, follow-on support is always available and Micro Systems stands behind everything it sells.