Command and Control

GCS CommandAndControl

Developing World Class Command and Control Systems

Micro Systems offers Command and Control (C2) Systems with the latest in performance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Our Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems features best-in-class high performance hardware and software that has been system engineered to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.  Systems we offer can be configured to control up to eight air vehicles and/or sixteen sea surface vehicles and/or 40 ground vehicles, with a simultaneous mix of vehicle types.  Systems are designed to be field expanded with no change to system software (plug and play) to offer our customers as much or as little capability as they need to support their mission objectives. We have interfaced our C2 systems to a variety of remotely piloted vehicles including several variations of aerial platforms that include: BQM-167, MQM-178 (Firejet), MQM-107, BQM-74E, Chukkar, BQM-34, GQM-163, DT45, DT35, BROADSWORD, QUH-1 Rotary Wing Target, Falconet, multi-rotor copters, Sea Surface platforms that include; High Speed Maneuverable Surface Target (HSMST), Hammerhead, QST-35 ship target, and Ground Vehicle platforms that include; HMMWV, LTV, HEMMET, MTV, BTR-80, T-72 Tank, John Deere Gator, and a variety of commercial platforms including the Autonomous TMA (ATMA).

Our C2 systems are flexible and expandable making them ideal for ground vehicles, sea surface vehicles, high performance aerial target drones, and UAV’s. We have fielded command and control systems that have been successfully supporting missions for the U.S. Navy (System for Naval Target Control (SNTC)), U.S. Army (Army Ground and Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS)), and several international defense organizations worldwide.

Our current systems have supported thousands of live mission operations worldwide.  Every C2 system we offer is readily adapted to a variety of unmanned vehicle applications and we offer a wide array of system configurations and ground support equipment options that include different form factors (i.e. portable or fixed site), number and type of controlled vehicles, and RF data links.