Data Link Communication Systems

TTCSU Transponders2

High Reliability Data Link Communications and Radar Systems

Micro Systems has broad reaching and extensive experience developing sophisticated telemetry transmitters and receivers, digital encoders/decoders, synthesizers, RF power amplifiers, command and control data link communication systems, and radar tracking systems. We offer high reliability products with long range capability via standard communication link or extended range utilizing a stationary or mobile radio relay.

Systems we developed for command and control are designed to be vehicle independent and incorporate standard and custom data link communication message formats. Systems are available with a variety of data link options to include; UHF FM, STANAG 4586, L-Band Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), 2.4 GHz ISM, and IRIDIUM Satellite (satellite to satellite or gateway to satellite). We also provide frequency hopping and encryption options on systems currently fielded supporting advanced mission operations for the U.S. Navy and Army.

Our systems provide end-to-end message integrity with verification methods that carefully check received command messages for errors and proper addressing before passing the control information to the vehicle management computer.  In response to a properly received command message performance information is gathered from the vehicle and that information is transmitted to the Ground Control Station in the form of telemetry where it is displayed to the vehicle operator providing full situational awareness. Advanced features include Uplink command receipt and qualification (addressing and error checking), formatting and transfer of commands to the Vehicle Management Computers (VCM), collection and transmission of vehicle performance telemetry to ground controller, automatic functions in the event of command loss that include vehicle recovery and preprogrammed maneuvers. Additionally, we have designed systems where multiple units can share the same data link enabling formation control.

In addition to our command data link communication systems we have also developed a series of Radar Tracking Transponders used to enhance the ability to track vehicles in motion that have smaller Radar Cross Sections (RCS). These tracking systems support various mission requirements including Radar, L-Band GRDCS, Over the Horizon, and GPS and UHF based data link tracking.